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Successful Direct Sales Launch Party Prep

This is part 2 of my successful Direct Sales launch party top tips - click here for part 1! You definitely want to check that out first, plus you get a handy-dandy FREE printable in that post 😉 In this post we're talking about successful direct sales launch party...

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How to Keep a Positive Mindset in Direct Sales

As a women with an entrepreneurial spirit and a longing to be successful and share my purpose with the world I truly believe that keeping a positive mindset is the fastest way to achieve the success we crave. Sometimes that can be hard. Sometimes things get you down,...

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Jamberry Holiday Gift Sets

I am so excited to share with you today something that's just launched! That's right, it's Jamberry Holiday Gift Sets!! We have an awesome collection of Jamberry Holiday Gift Sets designed especially for Christmas and they will make wonderful presents. Let me explain...

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Jamberry UK Catalogue

I just love our Jamberry UK Catalogue. It is jam-packed (excuse the pun!) of gorgeous nail wrap designs. I find it super helpful to see images of them on people's hands. Our latest Jamberry UK catalogue was released in September and contains oodles of gorgeous new...

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