About Me

Every woman deserves pretty nails… Isn’t it amazing the way having a beautiful manicure makes you feel all special inside, a bit like when you know you’re wearing your matching ‘special’ underwear 😉 It makes you feel confident, happy, and sometimes a little bit sassy too. Of course in today’s busy world who has time to wait for polish to dry? Or to visit a salon? Not me! That’s why I was so drawn to Jamberry nail wraps and could see the amazing potential in the business.

IMG_1497I spent a lot of my later teen and early adult years wondering what my ‘talent’ was. Trying to find where I fitted in in the world. A lot of my school friends had gone to work in London after university and that just wasn’t ‘me’. I struggled to find my true calling and my ‘people’ – you know the ones you can truly feel part of something with? I always had this feeling in my gut like I was meant for something else, for something bigger. That there must be something out there that was ‘mine’ and that I could succeed in. Then I discovered Direct Sales… In Direct sales everyone can be successful. All achievements are recognised and rewarded. You are made to feel very special and part of something truly different. Or at least that has been my experience. Having worked with a few different companies over the past 3 years I feel I have finally found the company I can call ‘home’. I have made some of my very best friends through Direct Sales and have expanded my knowledge and skills immensely.

So why should you work with me?

  • I have invested heavily in self development and have skills in multiple areas that I like to train and coach my team on
  • I’ve been both unsuccessful and successful in Direct Sales, and so I know what it takes to achieve both. I also believe that you are who should define that success and not me or anybody else.
  • Relationship building is what I believe will bring long term success and not being ‘spammy’ or ‘pushy’ so you needn’t worry about pressure from me to do something you didn’t want to
  • My aim is to inspire you to want to move outside your comfort zone, not force you out of it
  • I won’t do it for you, I am here to coach and train you to know how to do it yourself
  • I’m awesome therefore you should want to work with me – 😉 haha! Seriously though, I do like to joke around at times and I think you need to really enjoy what you do, so don’t expect me to be super serious or school teacher like cos that just isn’t me!
  • I am dedicated and a hard worker, and if you are prepared to put the work in then so am I
  • I will always believe in you, even when you don’t believe in yourself
  • I am on my way to the top, and I want you to come with me!

If this is enough to convince you to jump on board with us then please click here to join our team now or click here to schedule a chat with me where I can answer any questions you may have.