Application & Removal Tips


My Tips:

  • Nail prep is very important, you can use orange sticks to push back cuticles and they are readily available in boots etc.
  • After buffing (removing any shine) you clean the nails, in the video our wipes are used. You can use white vinegar or any high alcohol content wipes (I actually used Vodka as that’s what I had readily available haha!). Our wipes will be available in the nail prep kit.
  • Until we launch try using your hairdryer. Our heater is much quieter, less forceful, and much easier, so a much better option once available. Be careful though as hairdryers can blow everything everywhere – not that I know from experience or anything ;)This method is what suits most people and what I would recommend starting with. However if you have some issues with this application I would really like you to get in touch. If you have particularly curvy or domed nails there are some other methods which can work better. So if you are finding this way creates wrinkles or pukkers please get in touch via email or facebook and we can chat about the best method for you. I actually have domed nails so am trying out a few different methods personally to find the best for me and would love to help you if you’re the same.


My Tips:

  • Here in the UK we don’t have the remover they are using so I recommend using some form of oil, either olive oil or coconut oil work best.
  •  I find that instead of using a cotton pad to remove that using a floss stick to gentle slide under the wrap and lift away is a better method. This is a floss stick and you can pick them up in supermarkets and places like Wilcos/Savers:gyutuygu
  • Tip: DO NOT PICK AT YOUR WRAPS OR PULL THEM OFF WITH YOUR NAILS – this can cause damage to the nail and that shouldn’t happen when using Jamberry nail wraps.I would love to hear how you get on with your nail wraps and what you think of them so please do let me know. I’d love for you to share pictures onto my Facebook business page which you can find here: Cat’s Nail Wraps. Once a month I will draw a random winner from all photo submitions to win a half sheet of wraps. I will contact the winner to organise and the wraps will be sent out once I have ordered some stock, so a few weeks after our launch.