Today I am sharing with you why I am grateful for Direct Sales, and what it has done for me. I shall start with a bit of background of how I got into the industry. I first knew of Direct Sales when I was growing up when my Mum would take me to a Virgin Vie open house. The lady who did our garden worked with them and had an open house every few months. I remember totally loving the products and feeling spoilt rotten when Mum would buy a few bits for me. I loved the concept of getting together with other women and chatting, looking at make-up and just having a nice time. It was a fun, girly evening, and time with my Mum – which I was and still am very grateful for. My aunt used to host jewellery parties too, a similar concept to the Virgin Vie ones. They were always a lot of fun 😀

Move on a good few years and I discovered a company called Stampin’ Up! I’d heard of them through the crafting community, though not really known what they were, and always found their designs a bit old fashioned. They caught up with the times of course and when a friend decided to join to get her wedding stationery supplies at a cheaper price, I decided I’d jump on board too and buy some goodies at a discount. This opened a whole new door for me, as I joined the team Facebook group and fast made some really good friends. I loved the products and had a great time buying my own supplies at a discount. Occasionally I would dip my toe in the water of ‘business building’ by recruiting the odd team member, doing a class here and there. Mainly, though, I was there for my discount and the friendships I had made.

I soon saw one of the ladies I was facebook friends with had joined another company to work alongside her Stampin’ Up! business. I decided to give it a go, I thought I could make this one more of a business. I then really enjoyed doing just that. I learnt so much and again made some amazing friends. I went to the annual conference in the US and had some AMAZING training from people like Belinda Ellsworth. I felt like I had finally found my ‘home’ found my ‘tribe’ and found something that would really work for me. I loved that we would all get rewarded for every positive thing we did in our business, both by our pay cheque and by recognition and praise from our sponsor/upline/manager etc.

Grateful For Direct Sales

Unfortunately, this business didn’t work out for me, they underwent some changes and the new way they were moving forward wasn’t a good fit for me. It was actually in January/February that all this was happening… By this point I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, I felt like I had all thing great knowledge and had made such good friends and had found my fit, and then for this to happen. I was fed up and at a loss…

Then I heard about Jamberry launching in April and I just knew it was the right path for me. My friend and I were chatting on Facebook messenger, as you do. This friend I originally got to know through Stampin’ Up! and we were then on the same team with the other business. We even flew to the US and shared a room together for our conference. This friend is someone I would have never even known if not for Direct Sales and I would say she is now probably one of my best friends… Not a day goes by where we don’t chat, or if it does it feels super weird haha! This is one reason I will always be grateful for Direct Sales. We were messaging and both had heard rumblings about Jamberry launching over here, there was an announcement happening overnight. We woke the next morning to hear the news that Jamberry was launching here and decided to jump on board.

Grateful For Direct Sales

We have worked together and built our businesses in such a wonderful way, creating one of the largest teams in the UK. It may well even be the largest. I am so grateful for Direct Sales that I now have a strong and successful business I can call my own.

I am able to pay for things I would never have before, like taking my husband out for dinner and paying myself, instead of him always paying. Like buying my own flight, tickets and hotel for our annual conference in Orlando (last year at my previous company it all went on the credit card). I am able to treat myself to things and not have to think about whether I can definitely afford it. Usually, it will be stationery or craft things of course 😉 haha! I feel like we can finally start a family and not worry about paying for everything that comes with that. We can spend money re-decorating the house. I’m looking at paying off my credit card and hopefully hubby’s too! Christmas won’t have to be put on the credit card.

I now have life-long friendships and have met some truly wonderful women. I get to meet new people all the time, and I love making new connections. I am always learning and expanding my skillset – this is something I truly enjoy and get huge satisfaction from. I love being able to grow personally as well as professionally. Pretty awesome hey? Just a few reasons I am grateful for Direct Sales.

Grateful For Direct Sales

Also, I have some pretty big health issues to take into account. I have been living on and off, for 10 years now, with Cancer. I am blessed that it is a slow-growing form, but it is very rare so there is no definitive ‘cure’. I will never get an ‘all clear’. Every few years it comes back at the moment, and I have to have more treatment. Each time I get more tired, I suffer more pain, and often I suffer more personally… With Direct Sales I can work WHEN I WANT to work, HOW I WANT to work, and in a way that fits in with ME. What other career can you say that about? Direct Sales has given me lifelines; friendships that have helped me get through bad days. Where pain has gotten the better of me. Direct Sales has motivated me to read and invest in personal development, so I can get better mentally as well as physically.

I feel like after years of wondering what my ‘thing’ was and what I am good at, I have finally found it. I am so grateful for Direct Sales, and I always will be. It gives me purpose and passion. Direct Sales makes me feel important like I can do something that helps others. I am good at my job and I know what I am doing. It gives me the confidence to say that and say it with conviction. I am grateful for Direct Sales for giving me a life I would never have dreamed of, and a life that is just beginning. And this is just the beginning…

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