Here is a comprehensive list of places to leave your old catalogues vytorin 10 80. Before we take a look cheap jerseys though, I for wanted to mention why it is important to leave your old catalogues in these places. All of us within Direct Sales have new product launches and new catalogue releases, for Jamberry it is twice a year. When a new catalogue launches we are always left with leftover copies of our old ones and it is key to do something with these rather than letting them go to waste. I always add extra labels to the front and back saying something like ‘for our latest catalogue please contact me on x’. That way you’re giving people a call to action if they wish to see your latest products.


This list of places to in leave your old catalogues is aimed to work as a reference for you so you can come back to it and work out your own list. When you make that list be sure to actually include the e names of places, so instead of writing ‘local Drs Surgery’ write down the actual name of the surgery. You may well have a few cheap mlb jerseys surgeries you can Granite visit to leave your catalogues – win!


So, now let’s take a look at the list wholesale nfl jerseys of places you wholesale mlb jerseys can leave your old catalogues:

  • Doctors Surgeries
  • Hairdressers
  • Local wholesale mlb jerseys Libraries
  • Children’s Play Groups
  • Local Hospitals – waiting rooms
  • Dentist surgeries
  • Beauty Salons
  • Staffrooms in your local supermarket – Tescos, Asda, Waitrose etc etc
  • Staffrooms in your local shops – WHSmiths, M&S etc etc
  • Coffee Shops
  • Public Toilets
  • Your local post office
  • Staffrooms at the Why local schools
  • Office receptions
  • Local office coffee/staffroom
  • Town notice board (this only works if your catalogue is small of course)
  • Local pubs, in with the collection of newspapers they have, or in the ladies WC
  • Local T?i Club Houses
  • Sports centres
  • Local Swimming Pool reception
  • Gold club reception/bar
  • Hotel bar/lobby’s


This was as many as I could think of, if you know of any more then please comment Welcome below and I can do an updates version of the list in a few weeks.

Thanks for checking out this list of places your you can leave your old catalogues, and I hope it helps you feel inspired to get copies out there.

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