Now I realise that this is somewhat of a personal subject, and yes I know not everyone is going to be happy with what I’ve got to say. Today I want to talk about sharing political views on Facebook, and the risks involved when you share yours. You may be wondering how sharing something on Facebook could have risks, the great news is that I will explain exactly how below.

First off, let me preface this by explaining something; in this day and age we do everything on Facebook. Whether you have a home based business or not; your professional life is part of your personal one. If you’re in Direct Sales or Network Marketing then this especially applies to you. Our customers often become our Facebook friends as we grow and share our businesses. We often share business related posts on our personal profiles. Facebook personal profiles are no longer just for you, your close family and friends. It can be hard sometimes to remember you’re not talking to a few buddies down the local pub or coffee shop. Hundreds of people are seeing your posts, making judgements about your posts. And if they disagree with you, what could that mean? Could it cost you future sales, business partners, referrals, recommendations etc? I think it’s something worth considering.

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Currently here in the UK we are facing one of the most highly debated political campaigns and decisions we as the British voting public have ever had – certainly in my generation. Never before have I seen such heated arguments, passion, so much disagreement on something. Tomorrow we are voting in a referendum in which  we decide whether to stay part of the EU or not. You cannot turn without hearing opinions on the EU Referendum on the radio, TV and social media you could try here. It feels like the whole country has halted until voting is over and the decision is made.

People just get so riled up about politics. We get so passionate about what we believe in and are often desperate for people to agree with us. When amongst close friends this is no problem. When sharing on Facebook, all social media really, there is a risk that your customers could get turned off by your opinion. For this particular campaign there are two voting options. This means that you could potentially alienate 50% of your customer base – is that something you are happy with?

Are you sharing your political views on Facebook

I encourage you to think about what you share. Consider how sharing your political views on Facebook could affect your business. I know a lot of people feel that it’s their Facebook profile, and they should be entitled to share what they want. Yes, that is totally true. But if you are using your profile for business at all then please think about how it could affect your business. If you la don’t want to have to analyse what you post then you may want to think about keeping your profile far more restricted. Keep your ‘friends’ to just close friends and family, no business posts whatsoever, and everything on lock-down privacy wise.

Personally I keep my profile fairly open. This so new people can see me and get a feel for who I am before quis becoming my ‘friend’. I link to my business in my profile and share things about my day-to-day life, which often include my business, on my profile regularly. I use it to form a base for my Attraction Marketing efforts.

At the end of the day, it’s your business, your Facebook profile, and your choice. I just feel like the risks of sharing political views needed to be discussed and put out there. It’s something for you to think about, make an informed decision about, and decide whether it’s something you want to share moving forward or not.

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