So you’ve clicked this and thought ‘Eh? Why would I want to stop asking for parties in my Direct Sales business?’. Well, let me explain…

The thing with direct sales is often the consultants are making it all about themselves. ‘Please book a party with me’, ‘I’m looking for 5 people to host a party with me this month’, ‘I’m just X away from my next big promotion, please help me out by booking a party’ etc etc etc. See the common theme here? It’s all about the consultant. Yes OK you may get a few family members or friends feeling sorry for you and booking, or feeling pressured into it… But whether that party actually ends up being all that successful is another thing. You need to stop asking for parties my friend!


How do you stop asking for parties in your Direct Sales Business?

So what do you need to do differently? There’s a few ways you can change it up to get more bookings without just randomly posting on Facebook which isn’t personal and isn’t about them. Here’s some simple steps you can try:

1. Make it about them

You need to make it about them. What do THEY get for hosting a party. A great example of this would be to take a photo of your latest host’s rewards and share it on Facebook with something like ‘Oh my goodness! Look at all these goodies!! I can’t believe Sharon got all this for just £X! Jamberry rewards are the best!’ Then you leave it there. Obviously replace Jamberry with your company and you need to use your own words.

What you will find over time is that people will start to ask YOU for parties. They will see all those freebies and want it too! They’ll message you ‘How did Sharon get all those goodies for just £X?’ Then you get to explain your host rewards and how she can get them too. You’ve made it about her then…. This is attraction marketing at it’s best. It is more about the long game, and not the short game, remember that.

2. Help them get all the goodies!

Another way is when you have a customer complaining about having such a large wish list and not being able to afford it all right now. ‘OMG! I love everything! I can’t decide what to get!!’. This is when you say ‘You know if you do really want to get it all I may have a good way that could get it for you’.

She’s intrigued, she wants to know more, so you say, ‘If you get a few of your friends round for a girls night and I can come over with my Jamberry goodies and everyone can get to try them out. Your friends will fall in love with Jamberry too I am sure and then their orders will help you earn lot’s of freebies and discounted goodies as a thank you. So it means you can get what’s on your wishlist.’

That’s how an in-person one might work, for online you could say, ‘Well if your friends like to use Facebook a lot then we could do a Facebook party – all you do is invite your friends to the event and I do the rest! It’s really fun with lot’s of games and interaction. I explain all about Jamberry too and help with any questions they may have. Your friends will all fall in love with Jamberry too I am sure and then their orders will help you earn lot’s of freebies and discounted goodies as a thank you.’

Stop Asking for Parties for your Direct Sales Business

3. Still ask, just make it personal

You do still want to directly ask people to host parties, go to your FRANKS list and follow up list and work out who to ask. You need to make it about them though, make them feel special, and explain what’s in it for them. Stop making it about you and how you benefit from them hosting. Because I can assure you, you won’t get bookings that way. Here’s an example:

‘Hey Laura, I know you are so busy with your family, constantly running around after your kiddos. You make it seem so easy, but I know it’s tough sometimes. I was thinking that you deserved some ‘me-time’ and I would really love to pop over with my Jamberry goodies and give you some pampering. You could even see if a couple of your friends wanted to come over too, I love spoiling ladies and making them feel good about themselves with some hand-massages and manicures. Does that sound like something you’d enjoy?’.

See how in these examples it becomes all about them and their friends and not about you at all. Of course the best time to get party bookings is at other parties and I shall share my top tips for getting bookings at parties another day 🙂 Hopefully this shows you how to stop asking for parties in your Direct Sales Business, and how to do it effectively.

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