Today we’re looking at how to have a successful direct sales launch party and I wanted to share with you my top tips. I am breaking this down into sections so it’s nice and easy for you to take and implement yourself. Of course you don’t have to be just launching to try this out, you may want to try this when your next new catalogue comes out, or it would be a great ‘new year’ business launch. Feel free to take these tips and use yourself, as well as share with your teams. And if you’re looking to join a Direct Sales company then I would love to help you with Jamberry. This is the process we would talk about πŸ™‚ So without further ado, let’s look at how to have a successful direct sales launch party!

Planning your Direct Sales Launch Party

So the first stage is the planning. What I recommend doing is booking 3 dates for your direct sales launch party. I personally would consider a Thursday or Friday evening, a Saturday afternoon or evening and then a Sunday evening. The first two will take place in your home, or if you prefer at a coffee bar/pub/family member’s. The third happens on Facebook. Now the trick here, is when you invite people you don’t tell them about all three! I’ll explain that further below.

You want to plan your party for as soon as possible after you get your kit. So ask your sponsor when you are likely to receive it and book it for the closest weekend after that. Jamberry takes 3-5 days, so usually we can book for the very next weekend after joining – yay!

Direct Sales Launch Party

Inviting To Your Direct Sales Launch Party

Inviting people to your direct sales launch party is very important. Both how and who you invite. You want to make a list of everyone you know, start with those local to you and then go with those not local. I encourage you to make a note about why you want to invite that person next to their name. To make it easier for you I have created a handy-dandy FREE printable. Simply enter your email and download your FREE printable today!

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When you invite people you want to start with those locally and begin by inviting them to the first date. For example:

Hi Jenny, I have just started a new business with Jamberry and I would so love to tell you all about it. We sell gorgeous nail wraps that I think you would just adore. I’d really value your feedback on them so was wondering if you would be able to come to my launch next Thursday at 7.30pm?”

If she says she can’t come, that’s when you tell her about the second date

Oh no worries, I totally get it, we’re all super busy! That’s why I have actually planned it for next Saturday too.Β Being the weekend we can make more of a night of it, I’ll be sure to have plenty of wine πŸ˜‰ sound good?

If she still can’t make it that’s when you tell her about Facebook:

That’s no problem, thanks so much anyway. Perhaps we can get together another time and I can tell you all about it over coffee or something? In the meantime, I am actually showcasing Jamberry and the nail wraps on Facebook on Sunday evening. I figure we’re all on there anyway πŸ˜‰ It’ll be super fun with games and giveaways and we get to be in our own homes in our jammies! Sounds like a win to me haha! Can I pop you an invite?

Obviously you want to say this in your own words, but take mine and make it work for you.

This ends the first part of this post click here to read the second where I’ll cover prepping for your launch party.

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