Today I wanted to share with you what I feel are the Top 5 Apps to use in your Direct Sales Business. There are of course so many out there that can help aid productivity and boost your business. I’m going to focus on the 5 I think are the most important and help me the most.



I am being a bit cheeky and including all related Facebook apps within this, so Messenger, Groups and Pages too. However I am not a huge lover of Groups for some reason… I run a lot of my business on Facebook and wouldn’t know what to do without the app on my phone. Being able to connect with my team and customers at a moment’s notice is great! Of course that can have it’s downsides too 😉 I am sure you already have the app on your phone, but in case you don’t then you seriously need to get it. Having a Facebook business page is super important and linking to it in your personal profile then sends any potential leads to you and not your company’s corporate page. To learn more about Facebook pages then check out my blog post all about creating one here: How to Create a Facebook Fan Page for your Direct Sales Business. That is best done on a computer though. You can find my business page and ‘like’ me here: Cat’s Nail Wraps Facebook Page.



I am a HUGE lover of Instagram! I think it can be a great way to help grow your business. But I recommend getting started once you’ve got the hang of Facebook if it’s also new to you. I think more and more of our target market is on Facebook, as long as with your company you’re targeting women. We are visual beings and we just love looking at pretty pictures. That’s why Pinterest is so successful too 😉 The beauty of Instagram is that it can give your customers a peek into your life, behind the scenes. It gives you more credibility and adds to building relationships. You want to follow people back, and comment on their pictures too of course. To learn more about Instagram check out my blog post here: My Instagram Top Tips and Why You Need to be on there. You can follow me on Instagram here: Cat’s Nail Wraps on Instagram

Top 5 Apps to use in your Direct Sales Business


Over is by far my favourite graphics app and had to be included in my Top 5 Apps to use in your Direct Sales Business. WordSwag is an app a lot of my friends love, but for me Over is the one. It’s super easy to create images in the right sizes for different platforms automatically. I love the different layers I can add too, making it easy to pop on my logo, and my cute Avatar 😉 I am planning some video training for how to use the app as I think it’s one that everyone should use if you’re creating your own original graphics. And you should be creating your own original graphics to avoid Facebook Jail and to stand out in the crowd. The app is linked to UnSplash and Pixabay so you have access to oodles of beautiful images. There’s also some great fonts and other bundles you can add to the app for a small one time fee. Over also has ‘Daily Artwork’ for free everyday. Here’s examples of some of the graphics I have created using Over:


Evernote is a fantastic tool that everyone should be using. As a blogger I love planning my blogposts in there. I also use it to make notes about team members and customers, especially when I am away from my home office. Having the ability to do that when I am on the go and the fact that it just syncs to all my devices is awesome. I am sure I am not using Evernote to it’s full potential so I don’t want to try and teach you how to use it at all. But a search in Google will bring up some awesome content where you can learn how to use it. Or just download it and start playing around – that’s always my favourite way to learn something new haha!


Dropbox absolutely had to be in my Top 5 Apps to use in your Direct Sales Business as I literally use it almost everyday. I upload documents that I share with my team here. All the graphics I create I upload here so I can access them from anywhere. Sometimes I’ll have a few minutes spare at work and I can quickly create something in PicMonkey. So I’ll do so and then upload it to Dropbox to use at a later date from my laptop at home, or my phone. I have upgraded to have larger space and it is so worth it. It just makes everything so much easier. As a blogger, creating graphics for my blog posts, it just makes things so easy. And I love the new ‘Hub’ feature and hope it will come out of Beta and last!


I hope you have enjoyed my Top 5 Apps to use in your Direct Sales Business and that it helps you discover some new useful tools for your Direct Sales business. Please do let me know what you think and if there are any others you think should be up there 🙂

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