I have written a couple of blog posts about this topic, now it’s time I shared my top tips for local events to grow your Direct Sales business! Before I go into that though I figure in case you haven’t read the other posts I should let you see them 😉 So here they are:

There are definitely ways to make the most out of your time and money spent for a local event. I am sharing my top tips to help you utilise your resources to the max. Let’s take a look at what you should do prior to the event.

 Top Tips for Local Events to Grow your Direct Sales Business


Prior to the Event

When enquiring about the local event be sure to ask if there is another consultant from your company already booked in. Because although it is great to partner with another rep and work with them at an event, you don’t want to be competing with them. That will damage both of your efforts. Some organisers don’t care and will book in two people from the same company, so it’s always worth checking and then turning down any that already have someone.

Be sure to get some sort of graphic from the organiser to share on social media. You have local followers and customers and you want them to know that you’ll be at that event. If all the stall holders do that then it will ensure better turn out and is a great way to make new connections.

You want to be ready the night before the event so that the day itself isn’t a mad rush. I recommend packing the car up the night before 😉 You also want to include some important info in frames so you don’t forget anything. I wouldn’t recommend dressing up your stall too much – you don’t want to put off anyone from signing up who sees it and think it looks like too much stuff to store at home, or too much work. Keep it as simple, but eye-catching, as you can. A great way of doing this is having things displayed at different heights. We’ll get on to that later though.

Top Tips For Local Events To Grow Your Direct Sales Business

On the Day of the Event

Setting Up

Get there as early as you can so you can set up and then start chatting to the other stall holders. You want to make friends with them as soon as you can as they are often your best prospects for either joining the business, hosting, or buying. With Jamberry I recommend getting a sample on as many of the stall holders as you can. Then they’re also advertising for you, so when people come to your stall they will recognise the wraps. That can work for other companies too of course.

As I said, when it comes to your display keep it simple. Having things at different heights definitely helps catch people’s eyes. Try large boards with images and great verbiage/slogans on. Pictures of your customers wearing your products is a good one. Before and afters if you’re with a make up or weight loss company. Also the boxes you’ve packed some of your bits in, why not pop them under your table cloths and use them to raise some of your items. It’s a clever trick to create height and attracts people. Unfortunately for this event we didn’t have larger displays made up in time. But we worked with what we had 🙂

Top Tips For Local Events To Grow Your Direct Sales Business

During the Event

Don’t just stand or sit behind your table and expect people to come to you. Because they won’t. Stand out in front or to the side of your table. If possible have your table in a ‘V’, an ‘L’ or ‘U’ as it enables you to get people into your area more easily. If your only option is a single straight table then that’s fine, it becomes more important to stand in front though then. Approach people as they walk by, it will encourage them to stop. Compliment them on something that will draw them in. Be friendly and talkative. It may be hard and push you outside your comfort zone, but I promise you it is SO worth it. At this particular event we may be behind for the photos but I can assure you the rest of the day we were out front. Cos my feet were killing by the end of the day 😉 I ended up standing right out in the walkway to talk to people.


Prize Draw

Have a prize draw. It depends on what your company sells as to what that prize is. For Jamberry I recommend you offer a 121 Jamicure for the winner and a friend, or the winner and 3 friends (depending on what you can invest product wise). So you would be going to their house and helping them apply the Jams. You could have second prize as a 121 Jamicure for just them, and you can offer those to as many people as you like. They don’t need to know that loads of people won second prize 😉 It’s a great way for you to get out and gain new potential customers. For your prize draw you can use the slips you get in your kit. I am sure other companies have these slips either in their kits or available to download and print or purchase.

Keep the box/bucket/bowl for the slips behind you if you can. That way people have to hand their slip to you and you can have a quick read of it to see if they ticked the boxes about parties or the business. If they did that’s your opportunity to talk more and give them more information about it. I also recommend jotting down some notes on the back of the slip that will jog your memory about that person.

Following Up

When you ring them to book in their 121 you can get personal and you know who you’re talking to because of the notes you made on the back of the slip. It makes it easier for you to talk and feel comfortable, and puts them at ease too. Saying things like ‘Oh hows your little boy doing? I know he was a bit miserable on Sunday’ or ‘I loved your red dress that you were wearing on Sunday’, or something similar are great examples. People will love that you remembered them and it will help you immensely. Direct Sales is all about building relationships and that is a step in the right direction.

So that’s my top tips for local events to grow your Direct Sales business. I’d love to know if you have any further tips to share. Also what you think and if these have helped you 🙂

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