After last week’s post all about why local events are so great for your Direct Sales business I bet you’re asking yourself ‘where can I find local events for my Direct Sales business’ hey? Well fear not as I am here with some great ideas and resources to help you find them! I’m also planning a blog post where I’ll share some tips on what to say when you’re booking too as you want to make sure you’re planning the best events for your business. It’s key to find out as much as you can about the event from the organiser.

Let me quickly say that this is mainly aimed at those of us in the UK. Only because that is where I am and so I can share the places I find my events. However some of the information can definitely be used wherever you are. Some not so much. Just thought it was worth mentioning so you could bear it in mind.

Where Can I Find Local Events For My Direct Sales Business?

There are a few different places you can look. Nothing beats actually talking to people of course. So if you have friends locally that run their own local business ask them if they ever go to events and what they’re like. Getting contacts and finding out about events that way can be a great way to get in with a local organiser. Here’s a look at some of the main places I recommend:


Stallfinder is a website where you can search for local events in your area. Event organisers add their details and then you can contact any you are interested in. It is a great way to see what’s on at a specific time of year. For example summer fetes, or Christmas shopping fairs, that sort of thing. There are regular monthly events on there too, but often it will help you see when there might be specific themed ones. I have found some really great events on Stallfinder, and some not so great too 😉 More on that later and how you can avoid these, learning from my mistakes.

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Local Facebook Groups

Does your local community have a local Facebook group? Mine does for my town, and in fact quite a few others locally. Often I will hear about upcoming local events that way. I’ve even put a post in my local group and asked about local events and had good responses. People are often willing to share and help out with information like that. Don’t push your business when posting about them, just ask if people know of any coming up that still have availability as you’re looking to grow your business reach, or something similar. If you haven’t found a local group yet that doesn’t mean there isn’t one. It’s easy to search for them, pop your town name (or a local town to you) into the search bar and see what comes up! Make sure you check to look at groups rather than pages.

Network on Purpose

This is key, I have made friends on Facebook with local businesswomen (and men) and they often share when they’re planning to be at an event so you can find out about them that way. Or you can reach out and message them to ask directly of course. It can be a really great way to find out about local events and make new contacts. I suggest looking for local business groups on Facebook. Then posting and commenting a lot in them. Over time it won’t be weird if you then friend request some of them, or they may friend request you too. You’ll start to see the same names popping up in the groups, both the local ones I mentioned above and the business ones. These people can really help you grow your business through recommendations. And you never know who may be interested in your opportunity too! So it is well worth spending time in these types of groups. As I said though, offer help and advice before randomly friend requesting people!

You can find out about these groups within your local town group often, again just asking in there for help with whether there are any is a great way forward. Another option is to search Facebook much like I suggest above. You can try things like ‘business women *town name*’ or *mumpreneur *town name*’ and see what comes up. Try a few things.

Make Friends with Vendors at Events

So once you’ve found a local event you like be sure to make friends with the other stall holders. They become great people to stay in touch with. I’ve said in my previous post that they can often be great contacts to help your business. Also they can be great for helping you find new local events too. Just start talking to them and asking about what other events they do, they are often more than happy to share info. Perhaps say you’ll friend request them on Facebook. I tend to run a lot of my business on Facebook and chat to my contacts that way. If you prefer phone calls or texts then get their number. Whatever works for you. Ask them, you’ll get some great ideas!

Where Can I Find Local Events For My Direct Sales Business? Cat's Nail Wraps Jamberry Jamberry UK Network Marketing

Tomorrow I’m here with a Workspace Wednesday post, but later this week I will be back with tips on what to say when booking your local event. And what to look out for when you’re finding these and planning which ones to enquire about. So please check back for that too!

Sure enough I shared my top tips for local events in this blog post. So go check it out!

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