So today I want to talk about why local events are great for your direct sales business. I built my previous Direct Sales business almost solely on events and I am very passionate in how they can help you build your business. If you’re wanting to know where you can find local events for your Direct Sales business, I am sharing a post on that later this week – so look out for that too!

Answering this key question is hugely important before sharing a directory of where you can find events. Having just been at a local event here in Maidenhead yesterday I can share all the amazing benefits we found. I hope it inspires you to put yourself out there and enter your cold market. I truly believe that moving into your cold market is where the magic happens in Direct Sales. So here are a list of reasons why local events are great for your Direct Sales business!



That’s what this business is all about really. Actually getting out there and talking to people. You never know who you may meet and what it could lead to. One of the stall holders at the event I was at was promoting her Direct Sales business. My husband brought one of our dogs, Margot, down for a bit and we wondered around while the other girls manned the stall. On speaking to her she also does ‘Doggy Day Care’ which is something we are very interested in. What a fab new contact I now have for that! And good on her for mentioning it to us. I also saw quite a few people I know and who have seen me mention Jamberry on Facebook, but whom I haven’t seen since I actually launched my business. It was great to catch up with them, and of course they all left with a sample 😉 It helps me become known as ‘The Jamberry Lady’ amongst their contacts. That could lead to referrals, sales, bookings, all sorts!



The amount of leads you can gain at an event is just HUGE! Depending on how busy it is of course. I always offer a FREE raffle that everyone can enter and it then enables me to gather people’s details. With Jamberry I handed out free samples and got their details to then enter into the raffle too. So they got 2 incentives for giving me their info. If your business has samples then I highly encourage you to make some up prior to an event and offer them out. The key here is to actually FOLLOW UP with these leads and do something with them. So I recommend getting in touch the following day with a brief message saying how you enjoyed meeting them. I will be sending my leads a link to the application video for applying the samples I handed out. You may have something else you can send them. Then they go into your Follow Up system and obviously that works however you have got yours organised. I will share a blog post on how I do mine at a later date.

Local Events are Great for your Direct Sales Business


Local events are a great place to get new bookings. I built my previous Direct Sales business almost solely at events, as I previously mentioned, as I had no warm market to tap into. My goal was to have at least one, preferably two, parties booked at any given event I was at. Having some sort of incentive for people to book with you goes down well. I often have ‘goody bags’ which contains a host pack, then perhaps some fun things I have bought like a bag of popcorn, or box of choccys as a treat for them. Purchasing these from local pound stores so they aren’t a huge investment helps. I may add some other items like a mani or pedi pack and some extra samples. Then I pop tissue paper on the top so people can’t see what’s in them, but they look very inviting. ‘Free goody bag if you book your party with me today’ is then what I say. Even if someone isn’t sure about a date I would say ‘Why not pencil it in so you get the goody bag, then when you get home you can double check and we can always move it if we need to.’ In my books a booking isn’t a booking until that date is in the diary, so I won’t count it as one until it is. Even pencilled in is better than nothing!

Recruit Leads

You never know who could be there looking for an opportunity or wanting to do something outside their full time job and/or family. Yesterday one of the other stall holders came right up to me and asked about the opportunity. We chatted quite a bit during the day and she actually signed up today, the very next day after meeting her! So make sure you have recruit packs with you, just a couple will be fine. Other stall holders are often the BEST people to talk to about this. One of my teammates had her first recruit from an event she did where the lady had a stall herself. Never pre-judge as there are a lot of open-minded people out there when it comes to opportunities. I’d encourage you to have some sort of signage mentioning that you are looking for team members. Speak to your sponsor/upline about verbiage for this. Also, I would always encourage you not to have your stall too over-embellished and decorated. If it looks like a lot of work it may put people off the business. If it is simple and easy to set up and pack away then that is very inviting for people. It’s nice to have some decorative items, but don’t go mad 😉

Time With Your Team

This really is special, to me at least. Getting to spend time with your fellow team mates, whether they’re within your organisation or whether you’re just working for the same company. It can really help boost morale and encourage you to be brave and put yourself out there. Working in an environment that’s all about EVERYONE succeeding really is something, and that’s what makes Direct Sales and Network Marketing so amazing in my eyes. Yesterday I got to spend time with two of the girls on my team and it was lovely working with them, and seeing their confidence in talking to people grow throughout the day. Seeing their relationship foster and grow as fellow jam-sisters was wonderful, and I know they both got loads out of it. Talking about how the business works for us all individually helps to motivate each other and gets you thinking. You can’t put a price on how great this is in my eyes. So top tip, never do an event alone if you can. Always get some teamies to do it with you 🙂

Local Events are Great for your Direct Sales Business

So that’s it for the reasons why local events are great for your Direct Sales business. I am sure you can see that it can really transform things for you, and is definitely something to look into doing. Especially if you’re feeling like you’ve exhausted all your contacts/leads. Or like things have flopped a bit. It takes bravery and courage, you have to put yourself out there and be willing to talk to people about your business. If you’re with some team mates though it will give you confidence to do it, I promise. And wow, the returns for doing it are very substantial.


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