So today I wanted to share with you 5 tips for successful hostess coaching. I also wanted to mention why hostess coaching is so important as it really can make or break your party. Whether you’re running your party in person or online it is equally important and can really make the difference between a fabulous party with lot’s of people purchasing, booking and recruit leads, or one that feels totally flat and „Tuwim end with How very little in the way of orders and leads…. It’s ALL down to hostess coaching.

CatsNailWraps Hostess Coaching

So here your are my 5 tips for successful hostess coaching:

  1. Connect with your host on a regular basis. Make sure you speak to her often and not just when you book the party and then the night before 😉 Obviously you don’t want to come across like a stalker and harass her! But connecting regularly is great, and how many times you do it really does depend on how far in advance Reasons the party is. For a month a way I would suggest once a week until the week of the party and then once at the beginning of that week and once again the night before.
  2. Build a relationship with your host; the best way is to get her on the phone. Ensure that at least some of your connections with her are on the phone. I know we can all be tempted to use Facebook messenger and what’s app now – but nothing beats talking on the phone. And I promise it will really help you with your business. If phoning her isn’t an option for some reason, then when messaging send voice recordings. That personal touch makes ALL the difference! You want her to feel a real personal connection with you. Your language is also key in building this personal relationship with her, things like paying her a genuine compliment will help too, as will making notes about her family/hobbies/interests and referring back to them when you speak to her. Things like ‘Hi Laura, how’s Andra little Jack doing? I know when we last spoke he wasn’t too well..’
  3. Run through the host rewards with her so she truly understands what is available to her. This will help to motivate her to invite enough people and do the work needed to have a great party. You may use examples of previous parties and how much your previous Be hosts got for free/discounted. I find it helps for them to be able to understand what the rewards actually equates to in product.
  4. Ask her to create a list of the top 5 people attending she think will most likely love your products and hopefully purchase. You could even offer wholesale nba jerseys her a prize if all 5 do go on to order with you. This helps because you then have the names of people you can connect with during the party. You can say things like ‘Oh Laura thought you would just adore these, what do you think?’. Building relationships is key and this will help you.
  5. Run through the party schedule with your host. This ensures she knows what is supposed to be happening at each point. You need to be reassuring her that all of this will help her friends enjoy themselves more, and ensure she is able to get everything on her wishlist. You want your host to be helping you run the party really, so having her know the schedule Welcome ensures she is able to direct people to what’s going on.

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I hope you find these tips helpful and they lead you to have more effective hostess wholesale nfl jerseys coaching, which wholesale nba jerseys in turn ends up with better parties. If you have enjoyed these tips I would very much appreciate a comment, or sharing these tips with your fellow Direct Sales friends. If there are any vital tips you think I have left out then comment below with them. This will then provide a great resource for us all.

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