Today I wanted to share with you why you need to be on Instagram as well as my Instagram top tips to help you get started. So let’s start with why you need to be on Instagram. Firstly it is a truly beautiful platform, it sucks us in and we love to look at the pretty pictures. I don’t know about you, but I can waste ages scrolling through all the beautiful images….. It’s just lovely.

According to DMR Instagram currently has 500 million monthly active users. 300 million of those use it on a daily basis. That’s a lot of people! The split between female and male is pretty even, so whoever your ideal client is, Instagram is a great place to be. It is good to know that 90% of Instagram users are under 35. This is key when thinking about your ideal client. Is she or he under 35? If not then perhaps Instagram doesn’t need to be quite so important to you…. My personal opinion, though, is that that number will change and soon it will be under 40/45 as more and more people are moving to using it. Also, 49% of users check Instagram at least once a day. If you want to read more of these stats then check out this post and you can see all the info.


For me personally, stats aren’t really what it’s about. It’s the relationships I am making on Instagram… The people who consistently ‘like’ my images and whom I love interacting with. It helps you to build your brand, and business really is all about relationships as people buy from people. My following has grown dramatically since I started up my account and I just love sharing content on there. I have had sample requests, business leads, as well as plain old new friends made on there. Some days I prefer it to Facebook as you don’t have all the ‘drama’ that comes along with Facebook…. but that’s another post for another day…


So now I have shared why you need to be on Instagram, how about my Instagram top tips? Well here they are:

  1. Have some consistency – think about your brand and the colours that you either are using or are planning to use that tie into your brand and appeal to your ideal client. Use those colours within the graphics you create. What I try to do is have my posts in 3s and so I will create 3quote style graphics and mix them in with 3 pictures of either products or everyday life. It keeps my Instagram looking fresh and appealing.
  2. Think about your 9 recent images – when you click onto your profile you will see your most recent 9 images, as will people who click on it that you want to follow you. There needs to be consistency in them, as I mentioned above. They also need to have a cohesive look and be attractive to your ideal client.
  3. Choose the right/best times to post for you and stick to them – I try to have a schedule of 4-5 posts a day and share at times I feel people are most likely to be looking. You can do some research as to the best time to share and use those. There are all sorts of tools out there to help with that. Just setting yourself a goal of once a day is great, and sticking to the same time of day will help you build consistency. You could then gradually add in other time slots. 3 times a day is a great goal to aim for and is the minimum I let myself post. Of course, we all have days where life gets in the way and for some reason, we can’t share when we want – you know what, that’s OK.
  4. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t stick to your schedule. As I said before, sometimes life gets in the way and that’s OK. You need Amazing to hold yourself accountable without beating yourself up for being unable to post as you planned. It’s OK – no one’s going to die if you don’t post to Instagram when you had planned to
  5. Pick some apps to help you create graphics and that you like to use. I will be sharing my favourite apps in another post but I will let you have my all time favourite now – Over. It makes creating images a dream and I just LOVE it! I use it for pretty much ALL my graphics on Instagram. I will explain more about why I love it and the other apps and tools I use in another post another day.

So that’s my thoughts on why you should be on Instagram as well as my Instagram top tips . I hope you have enjoyed them and find this useful. I truly do believe it will be worth your time and you will really enjoy using the app. And of course, the first thing you want to be doing when you join is follow me! Haha! Seriously though, I would love to connect and will gladly follow any of you back. Please do check out my Instagram and follow me there: Cat’s Nail Wraps Instagram

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