Jamberry nail damage is a hot topic for us Jamberry consultants… Our nail wraps are not supposed to cause any damage to nails. Especially when compared to gel polish, acrylic/gel extensions and other nail products like that. However there are occasions when people experience nail damage and it looks like the wraps have caused it. I am here with some tips and tricks to ensure it doesn’t happen to you. Also, to reassure you that there isn’t anything in our wraps that cause damage. So first let’s answer why it’s happening…


What’s causing my Jamberry nail damage?

It’s all to do with the adhesive on the back of the nail wraps, and therefore how they are removed. This adhesive is intentionally very strong to ensure that it is water-tight and that the wraps stay on our nails for a long time. So how we break down that adhesive and then remove the wraps plays a huge part and is what can cause the damage. The biggest cause of this is if you just pick the wraps and pull them off the nails with nothing to help break down the adhesive. If you’re using oil or nail polish remover then you may still actually be lifting the wraps before the adhesive is fully dissolved and not realising it. If your nail polish remover contains acetone then that can considerably dry out the nails, and that paired with a gentle tugging can again cause Jamberry nail damage.

So, let’s look at some solutions…

Jamberry Nail Damage

How can we prevent Jamberry nail damage?

Jamberry Remover

In my personal opinion, and from my own experience with damaged nails after using our nail wraps, the best solution is our remover. This is a gentle acetone-free wrap and polish remover and breaks down the adhesive without drying out our nails and leaves them looking very healthy. The bottle also comes with a nifty easy-pump action. This is great if you’re ever doing your nails with a baby in one arm, or whilst stroking a dog (yep, that’s me!), or something else as us women always like to be multi-tasking. I love how easy to use it is. My own nails are looking so much better since I started using our remover. I just cannot express how fabulous this product is and how strongly I feel that everyone needs to be using it!

Jamberry Nail Damage

Before we had the remover in the UK I tried a number of other solutions, and some of these have been known to work for others, not for me unfortunately. Nothing worked until I tried our remover. However I thought it would be useful for you to know what else I have tried to combat my Jamberry nail damage.



First I tried removing using oil. I broke the seal around the wraps, as you always do. Then I soaked my nails in a small bowl (or egg cup) of oil. I would gently push the wrap off as the adhesive appeared to break down. I found I still got damage this way, and I believe it is because the adhesive wasn’t fully dissolved when I started pushing. So to do this way effectively you will need to soak each nail for around 10-20 minutes I’d say. I just don’t have time for that myself. Our remover takes less than a minute per nail. I should time it one day haha!


Nail Polish Remover

I also tried nail polish remover from the store. I have tried both with and without acetone and still came back with horrible, dried out and damaged nails. The one with acetone made my nails brittle and they broke almost immediately afterwards. Because you need to actually soak the nail into the solution it just causes damage and weakness to the nails. With our remover you don’t need to soak the nail. You just use some cotton wool, soaked in our remover, and gently rub/push under the wrap. It’s quick, easy, and Jamberry nail damage free!

Jamberry Nail Damage

So if you’re not already sold on our awesome remover then I would like to invite you to join my customer VIP group. In there we have a number of personal endorsements sharing how fabulous our remover is and how much better their nails are now looking. To join this group you can click here. Please note I do not accept consultants in my VIP group unless you are on my team.


To get yourself a bottle of our Jamberry nail wrap and polish remover then please click here. Once you have purchased pop me an email for a special offer just for you if you’ve read this post and then gone on to purchase our remover from me. To email me click here and make sure you include your order reference number. Be sure to include that you’ve read this article. When clicking the links here you will be taken to my UK shop, just click the flag in the top left hand corner to change to your country’s currency. You can order from me via my website in all the countries we operate 🙂

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