I just love our Jamberry UK Catalogue. It is jam-packed (excuse the pun!) of gorgeous nail wrap designs. I find it super helpful to see images of them on people’s hands. Our latest Jamberry UK catalogue was released in September and contains oodles of gorgeous new designs perfect for this time of year.

Jamberry UK Catalogue

We do also have a number of nail wrap designs that you won’t find in our Jamberry UK Catalogue. You can see those in my online store – click here. We do actually have an ‘Online Only’ flyer for those which make a fun handout at parties and events.

Personally, I really like that we don’t have all of our wrap designs in our Jamberry UK Catalogue. I think it can feel overwhelming to look at over 300 designs in one sitting! The catalogue is a great place to start before heading online and perhaps narrowing down your choice.

Jamberry UK Catalogue

Get Your Copy Here

If you would be interested in getting your hands on our Jamberry UK catalogue then please fill out this form below, including your address, and I shall pop a copy in the post to you.


In the meantime, you can check out an online PDF version by clicking here. I’d love to hear which are your favourites!

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