Today I want to talk about the requirements to stay active as a Jamberry Consultant. It’s something that you want to know if you’re thinking of joining Jamberry and starting your own Jambery business. This information is laid out in our Policies and Procedures document which you can find in your workstation if you are an existing Jamberry consultant. Having all the information here nice and handy makes it very easy though.

So first up let me explain what ‘Active’ means… It can mean a number of different things within different businesses, so for this I am talking about Jamberry and how it is used within our company. Within Jamberry being Active is not a requirement to stay a consultant. Being ‘Active’ is defined as:

‘A Consultant must maintain at least 200 Personal Retail Volume (PRV) to be considered active for that period. If a Consultant is in progress toward reaching this amount during this period, they receive no commissions from their Downline. However, they will receive personal retail commissions from their customer purchases even if they are in progress. A Consultant’s customer purchases will accrue to the Consultant’s PRV and count toward active status.’

This basically means that you need to be ‘Active’ to earn overrides on your team’s sales. Also once you have team members it helps you promote if your team members are Active. So it is a great goal to aim for. 200PRV is roughly equal to £200, so having sales of over £200 is what will get you active. My parties currently average at 304PRV, so really one party and you’ve hit it.

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We do have one requirement to remain a consultant with Jamberry, and that is 600PRV in a rolling 12 month period. That is very easy to maintain, however I recommend spreading it out over months rather than all in one month and nothing for another 11. Otherwise you’ll suddenly have to do 600PRV in one month which when that is hanging over you can be quite demoralising.

So to summarise, The requirements to stay active as a Jamberry Consultant are just 200PRV per month. But of course bear in mind that if you aren’t active nothing happens. You don’t lose your business. You just don’t earn on your team if you have chosen to share the opportunity. The requirement to remain a Jamberry Consultant is the 600PRV every rolling 12 months, and of course adhering to the Policies and Procedures.

I hope this has helped you understand the requirements to stay active as a Jamberry Consultant. As well as what being active means and how you can achieve it.

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