People seem to have a very mixed opinion when it comes to blogging. Some love it and think it a valuable addition to your business marketing efforts, and some think it’s a total waste of time. Well I am here today to tell you why you should be blogging. I completely get that the time it takes to formulate a nice blog and then work out content can feel like something that will just take up too much time, para but there are some neat tricks to help you with that. My business coach Brenda Ster teaches many courses on blogging and social media, and I am sure you will find others out there too. The thing is, when people want to find out about something what do they do? Well they type it in Google or Pinterest of course, and what comes up in those search results? wholesale NBA jerseys Blogs! Wouldn’t it be great if your blog was one of those?

Why You Should Be Blogging

So here’s a look at why you should be blogging:

  • Blogging helps you with credibility. Having a blog and writing on your chosen topic helps you become an authority on that topic and ensures your credibility is greatly increased. This is then massively important in building relationships, growing to Welcome new prospect and customer leads.
  • As I said before, blogging will help you when people search your brand/topic. If you wholesale NBA jerseys can get a handle on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) then it will help your blog appear high when certain search terms are searched for. That will lead to more people clicking through to your blog, where you can hopefully convert them into new leads. Now there’s a cracking reason why you should be blogging!
  • It considerably helps you when branding yourself. Within the direct sales industry our companies are very hot on branding themselves and often have strict compliance rules we need to stick to. It’s great to help grow the brand, however you want to set yourself apart from other consultants so people buy from and join you. So if you’re serious about growing your business you need to be branding yourself too. Blogging offers so many ways to help with this, from the way your site looks, to the voice of your written content, graphics and widgets all provide a way for you to brand yourself.
  • Your blog can then become a great place to capture new leads. As a Jamberry consultant I have somewhere people can request a free sample which is a fabulous way for them to try out the product, and for me to capture their information to be able to follow up. The thing with direct sales is we are always looking for new leads – if this is set up correctly and you are blogging often and consistently then these leads collect away for you. Of course People you do need to actually do something with them 😉
  • It becomes a great place for you to share information and tips that you can then refer your team to. So not only will the content help you get new leads, but it will also Fellation provide somewhere Choosing you can use to help your team and customers as well. For example I have a whole page dedicated to application and removal instructions – this then becomes somewhere I can direct my customers and new leads who have requested a sample.
  • Once your blog is up and running and you have everything planned out it can actually be cheap MLB jerseys nice and easy to maintain. Planning your content out a month in advance ensures you never feel ‘bogged down’ or ‘blog overwhelm’.

Why You Should Be Blogging

I hope that is enough information to help you see why you should be blogging. It really is a wonderful way to grow and market your business and I feel that it helps to set you apart from all the other direct sales consultants from your brand out there.


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