Workspace Wednesday is a new feature round here. I was planning for weekly but have decided to go for bi-weekly 🙂 You will see a mixture of blog posts and videos, as well as some awesome guest posts too! For the first Workspace Wednesday post click here.

So in today’s Workspace Wednesday I am going to share some important tips for your workspace or home office. We all spend a lot of time in our workspaces so it is key that it is a space we enjoy to be in as well as it being somewhere that we feel motivated and inspired to work. So here’s my tips on how you can ensure your workspace is all of those things.

Enjoyment – know your favourite things

Think about your favourite things and what you love to have around you. What do you love? What items are so you, your friends would see and say ‘hey, that’s got your name written all over it’, or ‘hey, I saw this and thought of you’. Those are the things you want in your workspace. So for example I have a cute Unicorn keyring made by a company called Scentsy that smells lovely. I also have a Unicorn pen my friend and sponsor got me, cos she knows I love Unicorns 😉 I have a small vase with some peonies in, not real mind, but stunning nonetheless. I have my planners on the edge of my table because they make me happy. I also have a bright light up flamingo behind me who makes me smile whenever I see him – he needs a name though…. best of all, I have a chair and a bed where my dogs love to lie and keep me company.

Senses – know what awakens them

What is it that perks you up smell and sound wise? Knowing that will help you immensely. So think scented candles, or fresh pots of coffee. Awesome playlists on Spotify full of your favourite kick-ass tunes. All these will help keep you pumped and ready to take on the world. For some inspiration check out our team Spotify playlist here: Team BossBerries Playlist.

Workspace Wednesday

Inspiration – know your goals and dream

Knowing what inspires you and keeping it at the forefront of your workspace will definitely help. Having your goals in prime position to ensure you never forget what you’re working towards will keep you going no matter what. For this I suggest some kind of vision board. This picture shows one I got in Ikea that hubby has finally gotten round to putting up. It is a white board and is magnetic so works perfectly for this! I am so excited to get my dreams up on there!


So there’s my top tips for making your workspace a truly enjoyable and motivating place to spend your time. I hope this helps you out and gives you some ideas for your workspace. I’d love to hear your thoughts and how you create peace, and a feeling of inspiration in your workspace.

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