I am so excited! Today my good friend Jen Prentice from Charmingly Imperfect (isn’t that name soooo cute?!?) is sharing her workspace! It’s so real and I think you guys are going to LOVE it! Workspace Wednesday is a theme I love to share here as I think it’s so inspiring to see other people’s workspace. Especially when they’re also in Direct Sales as it helps us think of how we’re going to make our own space work.

Now, without anymore waffling from me, let’s see what Jen has to say!

Hi! My name is Jen, and I am honored to be a guest blogger on Cat’s Work Space Wednesday. 

First I’d like to start off with a picture of my storage workspace


Chaotic huh? 

Now let me give you a little back story. I started my Direct selling journey in January 2015. I was living in a tiny two bedroom apartment, just me and my son. It was a goal of mine to eventually own a home and I was determined. I had saved up a significant amount of money for a down payment, and I had been hunting for a long time. In June, I finally found a home that was in my price range and desired location! Only problem was, it was no longer just Connor and I moving in; I had been dating my BF for a while and we decided it was time to take that next step.

So we went from two tiny 2 bedroom apartments, to a SLIGHTLY large 3 bedroom home. My dreams of a beautifully organized home office dashed. I attempted to share my office space with one of the kids, but work schedules and sleep schedules clashed; slowly things started migrating into the dining room, until we could no longer use our dining room table as intended. So enter the shelving! Now I have a place to store all of my business stuff and it doesn’t take over the table 100% of the time. Each Bin is Labeled so I can take out one thing, use it and then put it back.

Workspace On The Go

Now that we are a blended family of 5, 3 kids who play 7 sports between them. I needed to adapt my workspace for the bleachers, car, beach chairs, and anywhere else I may find myself on any given day.


I have a MacBook, an iPad, and an iPhone. I don’t say this to tote that I am an Apple lover (although I am), but there is something to be said for technology that seamlessly sync together. I use several apps, that automatically sync between devices, such as Evernote, Google Drive, and iPhoto. I can start a blog, or post at home and finish it at the ice rink (or ball field). I also have a hot spot from my wireless provider so that I am always connected to my websites and app’s that I need most. Practices can be long and boring, and are usually always during prime working time, so having my business as mobile as possible is a high priority. 


I am lucky enough to be in a business where my inventory is small and easy to transport. It all fits into one 31 Large Utility tote. I can bring it with me and organize and photograph what I need easily.  My Display items are in a larger tote that I only bring with me when I have an in home party. All my paper work is in a Fold N File. I can work on creating hostess packets, address envelopes for mailings, or have all my customer files so that I can make service calls and follow ups while driving from one game to the next. Being able to work my business from anywhere was one of the biggest perks of starting a Direct Selling Business.

Here is a picture of me, running a Facebook party while out to dinner after a day of running around for the kids.

Workspace Wednesday with Jen Prentice

Sometimes you don’t always have the opportunity to have a traditional workspace. With no room for a formal office, and a super busy family life; I have had to adapt my workspace to meet my more mobile friendly needs. I hope this blog has inspired you to think outside the box, when it comes to your direct selling workspace. Come join me over at CharminglyImperfect.com!

So, what do you guys think? I just love this article from Jen. I love how she’s made the space work for her and her family. Most of us are in Direct Sales to get that work-life-family balance, and I think this expresses that so much!

Workspace Wednesday with Jen Prentice

If you’d like to find out more about Jen, and I totally think you should cos she’s pretty awesome 😉 You can find her at these places:

Thanks for being here, as always 😀

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