I am so excited to be featuring my awesome friend Tammy from Jams and Scones for Workspace Wednesday today! Tammy is a fellow Jamberry consultant from Australia, though her real forte is blogging, social media and business advice. She is a wonderful person to bounce ideas around with and shares her knowledge and expertise freely. I keep telling her she needs to monetise what she offers, so quickly go check her out whilst it’s still free 😉

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Tammy is sharing her workspace with us today so we can take a peek into what it is like for her and where she works. All of us work from home, running these businesses and fitting them in within our families and homes, and it can be hard sometimes. So the purpose of this feature is to inspire you and help you find a way to get the balance right in your home. As well as knowing you’re not alone in finding that hard sometimes. So here goes:

I’d love to be able to show you a glamorous office space with beautifully organised nooks and crannies, but sadly that is not my reality.  Instead of a dedicated room – I have a dedicated corner of our kitchen/living space.

Workspace Wednesday with Tammy Rose Townsend

Don’t get me wrong it’s actually a great spot!  I’m a stay at home mum to 5 and my entire day pretty much revolves around constant pleas for food so being within arm’s reach of the fridge is pretty handy most of the time!

My workspace is multi-use – I run my Jamberry business as well as my blog from my corner and it serves me well.  I house my inventory and samples – all the goodies related to my direct sales in the handy Ikea bookcase behind my desk.  Everything is within easy reach, but also tucked away nicely so it doesn’t spread out over the rest of the house (unless of course my four-year old gets her hands on it then all bets are off!). 

Workspace Wednesday with Tammy Rose Townsend

I keep a small filing system under my desk – where my organisation can best be called – ‘make piles and deal with it later.’ I like to do batched tasks so try to tackle the piles once a week and put things in their proper place (translation I go and file them in the filing cabinet in the garage).  I try to keep my office as paper free as possible and like to use all my nerdy apps and computer programs to keep everything running smoothly. It also keeps my desk a whole lot cleaner.

Workspace Wednesday with Tammy Rose Townsend

I have the kitchen to my left and in front of my desk you’ll find the kids play area, which works well, as they are able to play and keep themselves entertained most of the time.  I’ve got their crafts and drawing supplies near the dining room table.  If I can keep the two littlest family members entertained – it means I can get more work done without staying up until 2am.

Workspace Wednesday with Tammy Rose Townsend

I have a corkboard on the wall where I tack up inspirational quotes and my goals in plain sight.  Oh, not to mention the million and one pieces of artwork my kiddos make during the day!

Workspace Wednesday with Tammy Rose Townsend

I try my best to keep my actual desk area tidy so I can function but I inevitably end up with toy cars and dolls keeping my company by the end of the day.  My daughter has her own notebooks and pens to use for her ‘work’ she’s my best helper – her favourite job is sending out samples and putting the stamps on the envelopes.

That’s my workspace in a nutshell. I spend a lot of time in my little corner and I love it!

Workspace Wednesday with Tammy Rose Townsend

Wow! Thank you so much Tammy!! Isn’t she just hilarious? I love her writing style/voice and humour. You can see why we’re friends, right? Hehe! So, if you want to find Tammy on her social media channels here they are:

Thanks for being here, as always 🙂 We would love to hear more about your workspace and how any tips shared have helped you!

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